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-Early Life

Jestika Gajjar was born on November 1, 2001, in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. She is the only child of her parents, who own a small business. Jestika was a bright child and did well in school. She was also very active in extracurricular activities and was a member of the school debate team.

Jestika’s parents had always wanted her to become a doctor or a lawyer, but she had other plans. From a young age, she was interested in fashion and modeling. She would often watch fashion shows on TV and read magazines like Vogue and Elle. She was also fascinated by the world of Bollywood and dreamed of becoming an actress one day.

Jestika’s parents were initially opposed to her modeling and acting aspirations. However, they eventually relented and allowed her to pursue her dreams. In 2017, she signed with a modeling agency in Mumbai. She has since appeared in several commercials and fashion shows.

Jestika is also passionate about acting and has appeared in a few short films. She is currently working on her first feature film, which is scheduled to release in 2019.


A career is an individual’s journey through learning, work and other aspects of life. There are many different ways to define a person’s career. Some people may consider their career to be their “calling”, while others may simply view it as a “job”. A career can also be described as a series of related jobs that a person holds over the course of their lifetime.

A person’s career may include several different jobs, depending on their skills, interests and work experience. For example, a person may start their career as a teacher, but eventually move into management or administration. Or, a person may begin their career in the military, but later transition into the private sector.

There are many different factors that can influence a person’s career choices jestika gajjar,
including their educational background, work experience, personal interests and goals. It is important to consider all of these factors when making career decisions.

There are many resources available to help people with their career choices. These resources can include career counselors, job search engines, and educational programs. It is important to research all of your options before making any final decisions.

Making the right career choices can lead to a lifetime of happiness and satisfaction. It is important to take the time to explore all of your options and find the right fit for you.

-Personal Life

Jestika Gajjar was born on October 1, 2004, in Gujarat, India. Her parents are both from Gujarat, India. Jestika has two older sisters. Jestika’s father is a businessman and her mother is a homemaker. Jestika’s hobbies include playing the piano, playing badminton, and watching Bollywood movies. Jestika is fluent in Gujarati, Hindi, and English. Jestika attended primary school at St. Xavier’s School in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. In 2016, Jestika moved to the United States to pursue her secondary education. Jestika is currently a sophomore in high school and is planning to attend college in the United States.


Achievements are always something to be proud of, no matter how big or small. For me, my achievements are a testament to my hard work, dedication and commitment to whatever it is that I set my mind to.

Some of my recent achievements include:

– Qualifying for the Boston Marathon

– Finishing in the top 10% of my age group in several triathlons

– Completing a half Ironman distance triathlon

– Raising over $5,000 for charity through my participation in endurance events

Each and every one of these achievements required a lot of hard work, dedication and commitment on my part. I am extremely proud of each and every one of them.

I believe that achievements, no matter how big or small, are something to be celebrated. They are a testament to our hard work and commitment and should be celebrated as such.


Philanthropy, by definition, is the love of humanity. A philanthropist is someone who loves others and is willing to help them, even if they don’t know them. Philanthropy can take many forms, from donating money to a cause, to volunteering your time to help those in need.

There are many reasons why someone might choose to be a philanthropist jestika gajjar
. Some people are driven by their faith or by a desire to make the world a better place. Others are inspired by a personal connection to a cause, or by a belief that we all have a responsibility to help those less fortunate than ourselves.

Whatever the reason, philanthropy is a powerful force for good. It has the ability to bring people together and to make a real difference in the lives of those who need it most.

If you’re thinking of becoming a philanthropist, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First, you need to be clear about your goals and what you want to achieve. Second, you need to find a cause that you’re passionate about and that you believe in. And third, you need to be prepared to make a commitment.

The most important thing to remember is that philanthropy is about more than just giving money. It’s about giving of yourself, and that’s something that money can’t buy.

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