James Westley Welch


James Westley Welch is the husband of actor and actress Raquel Welch. He is also the director of films such as The Man with the Golden Gun and Stardust. In addition to working as a writer and actor, he is also the co-founder and president of the James Bond Fan Club.

Raquel Welch

The famous American actress Raquel Welch has been married to James Westley Welch for over 50 years. They were married on May 8, 1959. During their time together, they had two children.

Raquel Welch is an American film and television actress. She has won several awards. Her most memorable films include Fantastic Voyage (1966), One Million Years B.C. (1997), and J-Men Forever (1979).

She is a descendant of the Mayflower. Born in Chicago, Illinois, Raquel moved to San Diego, California, when she was just two years old. After completing high school, she studied acting for a year at the San Diego State College.

At the age of fourteen, she won the Miss Photogenic title at the San Diego County Fair. She was also crowned Miss La Jolla High School. However, her parents divorced when she was in high school.

She was also a model for the Neiman Marcus store. She won several parts in local theater productions. Eventually, she got a chance to work in a variety show.

Early life

If you’re wondering how Raquel Welch, the American actress, came to be one of the most famous figures in the entertainment industry, it’s a good idea to know about her early life. In addition to her many film roles, she was also a writer, author, and publicist.

She was born in Chicago, Illinois. Her mother was a renowned actress known for her roles in Myra Breckinridge and Myra Breckinridge: The Golden Years. And her father was a member of the Blackfeet tribe.

Raquel was in her early teens when she was spotted by an agent. The couple were married in 1959. At the time, they were both in high school. Afterwards, they moved to Los Angeles. However, they later split up.

After their divorce, Raquel kept her husband’s last name. She began appearing in films and became a popular actress.

When she was 17 years old, she left her ballet studies and started studying theater arts. As a result, she received a scholarship to the San Diego State College. While there, she studied under influential poet Richard Hugo. He encouraged her to publish her poetry.

Marriage to James Bond

Raquel Welch is one of the most famous American actresses. She is known for her iconic movie roles.

During her career, she received many awards and accolades. Some of her notable achievements include being named the 100 Sexiest Stars of the Twentieth Century by Playboy. Her other titles included J-Men Forever (1979), Woman of the Year (Broadway 1981) and Intimate Portrait (1990).

James Westley Welch married Raquel Welch on May 8, 1959. They had two children together. Their marriage ended in 1964. However, they kept their last name and retained two of their children.

The couple was not married for very long. They dated for about two years after they met in May 1957. After that, they went their separate ways.

After a few years, they both moved back to Los Angeles. He was an agent and she was a spokesmodel. Eventually, they both started working for different companies.

During the late 1960s, Welch starred in several films. She was also a producer. She worked with a number of prominent stars.


If you have ever wondered about the filmography of James Westley Welch, you’ve come to the right place. Although he did not appear in any of the films he made with his second wife, Raquel Welch, he did make some appearances in the films she starred in.

Raquel Welch was a talented actress who was known for her iconic movie roles. She became a sensation during the 1960s and 1970s. In her early career, she played a wide variety of roles.

Raquel Welch began her acting career when she was only eighteen years old. She studied acting at San Diego State College and had a scholarship. Her parents divorced when she was still in high school.

When she graduated from high school, she got her first acting job. She auditioned for Mary Ann Summers on Gilligan’s Island. After her role in Gilligan’s Island, she worked as a model.

She appeared in several television variety specials, including Bandolero! and Hannie Caulder. She had a few minor film roles. A promotional photo of Welch in a deerskin bikini became a best-selling poster.

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