Who Is Kiara Kilgo-Washington?



When you’re scrolling through your social media feeds, you’re likely to see posts from your friends, family, and favorite brands. But every now and then, you’ll come across a post from someone you’ve never heard of. So, who is Kiara Kilgo-Washington?

Kiara Kilgo-Washington is an artist, creative entrepreneur, and community builder. She’s the founder of Creative Native, an online platform that celebrates and shares the stories of Indigenous creatives from around the world.

You should know Kiara Kilgo-Washington because her platform is a powerful tool for promoting diversity and inclusion. By sharing the stories of Indigenous creatives, she’s working to correct the misrepresentation of Indigenous cultures in the media and society as a whole. Her work is inspiring, and she’s a voice we all need to hear.

A Brief Introduction to Kiara Kilgo-Washington

You may not know her name, but you’ve definitely seen her before. Kiara Kilgo-Washington is the girlfriend of Henry Ruggs III, the Alabama Crimson Tide wide receiver who was recently involved in a fatal car crash.

Kilgo-Washington has been thrust into the spotlight since the accident, and she’s been doing her best to stay strong and positive. In a recent video, she said that she doesn’t blame Ruggs for what happened and that she’s still standing by his side.

How Kilgo-Washington Became a Public Figure

You may not know the name Kiara Kilgo-Washington, but you’ve probably seen her face on social media. The 22-year-old American social media star, content creator, and volleyball player first came to prominence in 2018 as the girlfriend of NFL star Henry Ruggs III.

Kilgo-Washington’s life changed dramatically in December 2019, when she was a passenger in the car driven by Ruggs when the crash occurred. Ruggs was driving at high speed when he lost control of the car, crashing into a utility pole. Kilgo-Washington and two other passengers were injured in the accident.

Since the accident, Kilgo-Washington has become a public figure, speaking out about the dangers of driving while distracted. She has also used her platform to raise awareness about mental health and suicide prevention.

Kiara Kilgo-Washington’s Impact on Social Change

You may not know who Kiara Kilgo-Washington is, but you should.

Kiara is the girlfriend of Henry Ruggs, an Alabama Crimson Tide football player who was allegedly arguing with her before a fatal crash.

What Kiara has done in the wake of this tragedy is remarkable. She’s turned her grief into a platform to help others, using her social media following to promote change. Kiara is a content creator, volleyball player, and social media star. And she’s using her influence to make the world a better place.

We should all take a lesson from Kiara Kilgo-Washington. No matter what life throws our way, we can always find a way to make a difference.

Kilgo-Washington’s Leadership That Inspires

Kiara Je’Nai Kilgo-Washington is an ambitious leader, encouraging those around her to stay focused and strive towards their goals. On social media, she often posts motivational messages to her followers with the hashtag #leadership. Her words inspire others to take the plunge and follow their dreams, no matter the odds.

In 2020, she was determined to accomplish a degree from Benedict College, a historically black university in South Carolina. When spending time together with Henry Ruggs III, her boyfriend and NFL first-round draft pick for the Las Vegas Raiders in 2020, she often talks about education and encourages him to stay focused on his studies too.

Additionally, Kiara was accepted into The Prestigious Fellows Program – a three-month cohort-based leadership program created for college students. She is passionate about leading others by example and helping young people realize that they can make an impact in the world while still having fun along the way.

Kiara Kilgo-Washington’s Achievements and Awards

Kiara Kilgo-Washington has see tremendous success in her athletic and creative pursuits. She was an All-State selection four times in high school and was named to the Volleyball Magazine Fab 50 in 2018. She won two Florida State Championships for Bishop Moore High School in 2018 and 2019. She went on to play collegiate volleyball at Stetson University where she was named the Atlantic Sun Conference Freshman of the Year award in 2020.

Kiara Kilgo-Washington is also a talented content creator and social media star. She has accumulated over 129,000 followers on Instagram, where she posts about her adventures, relationships and basketball games. Her content has been enjoyed by many as she has earned multiple awards for her creations, including the People’s Choice Content Creator of the Year Award at the Basketball Benefit Recognition Awards (BBRAs).

Present Day: How You Can Follow in Her Footsteps

Today, Kilgo-Washington is a practicing lawyer and she’s using her power for good. Her mission? To crack the ceiling and make sure everyone has a voice. Recently, Kiara was appointed to represent the family of George Floyd in their appeal against an unjust ruling by the State of Nevada in Vegas. She hopes this case can help create change, and her fight for justice doesn’t stop there. She also suggests ways for people to get involved in their own communities, such as signing up for local school board elections or volunteering at homeless shelters.

Kiara doesn’t just want people to talk about their passions—she encourages them to actually do something with them. So if you’re inspired by her story, why not take action? Find out how you can turn your energy into real change and follow in Kilgo-Washington’s footsteps.


Kiara Kilgo-Washington is an inspiring figure that everyone should know about. She is a powerful example of how to turn a personal struggle into a force for good in the world.

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