How Did Liver King Become a Millionaire? His Surprising Income Sources Revealed



You may be wondering how Liver King became a millionaire. What are his income sources? How much money does he make every year?

Don’t worry, we did some digging and found the answers to all your questions. Keep reading to learn more about Liver King’s income and how he became a millionaire.

Who Is Liver King?

Liver King, also known as Brian Johnson, is a well-known social media figure, bodybuilder, businessman, and self-described “CEO of the ancestral lifestyle.” He first came to prominence in 2017 when he released a YouTube video called “How to Make a Million Dollars in One Year.”

Although Liver King has not revealed his exact net worth, it is estimated that he is worth $12 million as of 2022. His income sources are diverse and include business ventures such as his own line of supplements and clothing, as well as brand sponsorships and affiliate marketing.

What Is Liver King’s Net Worth?

As of 2022, Liver King’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million. This impressive wealth has been accumulated through a variety of income sources, including investments in wellness startups and real estate. In fact, Liver King reportedly made $1 million before he even ventured into the world of social media.

Net Worth$5 Million
NameLiver King
Age44 Years Old
Annual Salary$250,000 Per Year
Last Updated2022

Liver King’s Main Source of Income

It’s no secret that Liver King is a millionaire. In fact, he’s worth a whopping $12 million! But how does he make all his money?

Surprisingly, Liver King doesn’t make a lot of his income from his bodybuilding career. While it’s certainly lucrative, his main source of income actually comes from social media content creation. He has millions of followers on platforms like Instagram and YouTube, and he earns money by promoting products and services to them.

He’s also an entrepreneur and has started his own businesses in the past. These have included everything from clothing brands to health supplements. And finally, he also competes in bodybuilding competitions and earns prize money from these.

What Type of Investments Does Liver King Have?

It’s no secret that Liver King has made a fortune and has grown his net worth to around $1 million, but many don’t know the specifics behind where most of his income is coming from. His main source of income is from supplement businesses, with the most well-known as Ancestral Supplements. According to Insider Monkey, this brand alone is bringing in between $10 and $12 million in annual revenue for Liver King.

In addition to this, Liver King also has a portfolio of investments. He told Business Insider that he invests in tech companies and renewable energy projects, allowing him to diversify his wealth and pursue sustainable investments for the long term. He also told them that he’s always on the lookout for innovative startups that could potentially become the next big thing. Clearly, it looks like Liver King knows how to maximize his earnings!

What Business Ventures Has Liver King Invested In?

You might be wondering what kind of business ventures Liver King has invested in to make his fortune. Well, it turns out that most of his wealth comes from investments in ancestral health brands, supplement startups, and real estate. He has also invested in a few venture capital firms and private equity funds.

But Liver King isn’t just an investor—he actively participates in the businesses he invests in by providing strategic advice and networking opportunities. This strategy has allowed him to build relationships with some of the top health and wellness entrepreneurs and turn their ideas into successful businesses. In fact, he makes over $2 million per month from his investments alone!

Who Is Liver King’s Wife?

Liver King is married to a woman named Cleo and their relationship has been going strong since 2014. Cleo is a former model who now works in the music business as a producer. Together, they have four children and live in Los Angeles.

Interestingly enough, Liver King’s wife is not involved in his business or career—when they met, she wasn’t even aware of his success. But she has always been supportive of him and even manages some of his personal finances.

Having the support of his wife has allowed Liver King to focus solely on building up his empire, which includes numerous investments ranging from supplement startups to real estate properties. So it’s not surprising that Liver King is worth over $12 million in 2022!

What Was Liver King’s Source Of Income?

Brian makes a plutocrat as a bodybuilder, entrepreneur, and inventor of social media content. In recent times, his career has taken off, earning him further than just fame.

What Is The Liver King’s Weight?

He stands 190 cm altitudinous and weighs 86 kg, according to reports from 2022. He’s well known for encouraging people to eat raw meat.

The Career Of Liver King.

When Johnson started working for a pharmaceutical company, he was suitable to go precious out-of-door conditioning like snowboarding, which is how he first met the Liver Queen in 2004. Before he met Barbara, the woman who would transfigure his life, he led a different way of life. When Brian first met Barbara, she was a dentist; after they got together, they established a prosperous dental practice before switching to dealing salutary supplements that rounded Brian’s ancestral way of life. When his sons were little, Johnson and Barbara got married, and he was determined to discover a treatment because they always got the illness and disinclinations. He formerly read Weston Price’s Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, and he now attributes his success to him and his woman
feeding their kiddies organic, pasturage-raised meat. After reading the book’s cover, Johnson decided to put some of his ideas into practice. The Liver King and his family espoused nine ancient diet fashions that amplified 11 presently popular salutary trends. After all, our diets in the 1990s comported largely of largely reused, low-fat foods, but in the 2010s, nutritive trends swung the other way, encouraging people to turn back to the natural, whole foods of their ancestors.

An Overview Of Liver King’s Early Times.

Texas is where Brian Johnson was born in 1977. His father’s end, while he was a youthful child, was a major contributing factor to his miserable and frail parenting. Johnson also abided in San Antonio with his mama. He was bullied and constantly shoved around in high academy. He was smacked in the face with a loogie in the sixth academy by a pupil who had snared one in his hand. With the stimulant of one of his mama’s suckers, Johnson began going to the spa during the middle academy, and his life was nearly fully altered. ultimately, his classmates started to take notice of him, and everything changed when one of them appertained to him as Mark Wahlberg. Johnson’s life was changed when his figure was compared to Mark’s, who at the time was both a stinky member and a Calvin Klein model. After the high academy, he enrolled at Texas Tech University in a medical program. He left the academy in the middle of exposure to work for a pharmaceutical establishment. Johnson went back to the academy after that and ended up graduating.


Liver King made his fortune in the food and beverage industry. He owns a number of restaurants and a food production company. However, his latest business venture is a liver health supplement company.

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